Become A Master of Content Perseverance

To quote Dave Ramsey, “To live like no one else, you must live like no one else.” Hard work and demanding greatness from yourself is the way only a few take. And sometimes that means understanding a motto my dad used to say to me at least monthly (maybe more): “With enough chops from a small hatchet, even the mightiest oak will fall.”

There’s also a compounding effect from those chops. After a while, the amount that is chopped out of the tree causes it to reach a tipping point where the hatchet, though unchanged in its actual size, is getting more accomplished with each chop. In that case, each chop is worth several chops compared to those early chops. This is called leverage.

So in terms of earning money, build leverage. Stick to something long enough and you will have the leverage the small hatchet had in chopping down a mighty oak.

Since I think in terms of websites, here’s an example for web traffic – After you’ve spent enough time contributing to the content of a website and to the doorways by which people can find it (that’s SEO in my world), you reach a point where every new piece of content reaches far more people than the first content/post you ever published. So with each post, you are building leverage. With each post you are putting rocks onto one side of the scale that will eventually tip.

Most people get burned out after adding a few weeks worth of content. But if you live like no one else in that you refuse to get burned out, one day you could have the opportunity to live like no one else in terms of freedom and the income produced from your website. Apply to your situation.

If you’re struggling for content ideas, remember that you don’t have to write a long article for it to count as quality or worthwhile content. Here are some examples of content that help people and that benefit people to the point that they are encouraged to share:

1. Articles – It doesn’t have to be that long. Four hundred words can get a lot of important points across.

2. Videos – Embed a video and maybe write a few sentences in summary. The video itself is a valuable post if it is relevant to the topic of your website and would be beneficial to your site visitors. This will take 5 minutes or less. You could even pay someone to transcribe the videos (and you’d be surprised at how cheaply this can be accomplished online).

3. Images – We all love a good meme! You can make the draw of your post an image or meme and, as with a video, write a few sentences of summary or commentary. This will take 5 minutes or less.

4. Report on Someone Else’s Content – News websites do this all the time. You simply copy and paste the first three paragraphs of a news report or post and link to them with a “Full Story” link. Then you can provide your own brief (or lengthy) commentary.

5. Summaries of posts or comments – You can make a post that has a bullet list of the most viewed posts on your website for the week, month or year. Or you could rate the best comments left on your articles or message forum.

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